It finally happened. I pressed the ‘publish’ button on my new website. As a type A, semi-control freak, I didn’t want to present my website until it was perfect. But if we are all being honest, nothing is ever perfect. Especially a website.

Let’s start at square one. My name is Lizzie and I am an ex-higher education professional who decided to take a leap of faith, quite possibly the riskiest leap, and pursue a creative business. Yes, my Master’s degree is in Sport Administration. Yes, my business is only a little over a year old. But I am happy to have found a career I am passionately pursuing at 27 years old.

Three years ago Dave and I moved into a rental home in Independence, Ohio. This just happens to be my hometown. A place I swore I would never return to. But I am so glad we signed up to removed four layers of wall paper from this house on one of the quietest streets in town. I am madly in love with our quaint, simple life. We have two crazy pups named Penny and Oliver whom we are obsessed with. This little family of mine takes up a giant space in my heart. After almost three years of marriage I can confidently say we do not have it all figured out, but we have learned to love each other with depth and sincerity that I couldn’t have even imagined.

This helps me segue into why I love photographing love stories. If we ever have the chance to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation I am 99% certain that I will want to talk about what you are looking forward to in your married life together. Although I love hearing about your wedding planning process, I am more invested in who you are as a couple. Because if we are being honest, the celebration of love and the hard work goes far beyond just a single day. If you are a bride or groom that wants to invest in more than just a photographer who takes a check, shows up and sends photos – then we just might be meant to be.

I want to work with couples who love deeply, who light up when they talk about their significant other, and who want more than just to employ me. The truth is – we work together months if not years leading up to your big day. We spend 8-10 hours together on your wedding day. We keep in touch after I deliver your gallery and will keep in touch up to your 1-year anniversary. That is a HECK of a whole lot of time together. So we need to get along.

I blame my love for couples and marriage on the amazing pre-marital counseling we did with our friends Jen and Wade. They had us talk about the highs and lows and awkward things about marriage. If I could recommend anything during your planning process it would be to do some type of pre-marital counseling. Whether it is a day or multiple sessions. Dig into those nitty gritty and beautiful parts of marriage.

As I approach my first full season of photographing weddings I find myself feeling all the feels. I am so proud of how much I have grown in this past year. I’ve met couples who I consider friends. I’ve failed and succeeded. I’ve cried and celebrated with my husband. But as we get closer to June I find myself at peace with the fact that this is all happening. I get to attend and document the celebration of love and commitment. It is a privilege that I do not take lightly. Tears will be shed and hugs will be given. And I cannot flippin’ wait.

This has become a little ramble-y but I think it is my brain trying to put my thoughts together. What will you see on here? Lots of love stories, personal tales of my life in Ohio, where I am traveling and who I am. A little bit of everything. 

Welcome to my slice of the internet. I hope I see you around these parts again!

In health & happiness,



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