You guys know I am overly invested in everyone’s love story. I want all folks to feel the love they deserve. But with Joe & Evan, it didn’t take a single ounce of effort from me to make they lovey-dovey. These two were some of my favorite people to hang with from our first coffee date where we barely talked wedding chit-chat. Instead, we talked about life, love, our dogs and how the Whole 30 is quite possibly the most difficult thing in the world. But, it works. Whatever.

Anywho! We spent a sweaty AF evening running around Edgewater Beach in Cleveland, OH. After catching some misty lake water, balancing our way onto the rocks and running on the beach we opted to grab some chilly to eat. You bet your sweet behind I recommended we go to Mason’s Creamery as soon as they said they loved ice cream. So we jetted off to grab some AH-MAZE-ING treats. Did I mention all three of us were sporting Birkenstocks? Because I think that made us immediate best friends.

Joe and Evanyou two are gold. Two deeply good humans who deserve each other completely. I cannot wait for your wedding day. It’s just about 3 months away! WOOHOOO! Check out their super duper engagement session & leave them a little congratulations!

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