I'll be the first to claim the name of 'small town girl' with big 'ole dreams. I picked up a camera in high school & promptly gave myself a million reasons I wasn't quite good enough to go for it. So for years I would dust off my trusty Canon & snag a photo of our travels to Wisconsin or a family birthday. Then one day it hit me - I wanted to do more than just point & shoot. I wanted to preserve a memory.

I photograph love stories. But at the core of it all I am just a chatty person who wants to know who you truly are. I feel like sometimes wedding photographers can get a bad rep because we are an investment (a big one) & it doesn’t always seem worth it. Well, I am here to say that every ounce of my heart goes into documenting this job. I say ‘love stories’ in place of wedding days because it goes far beyond the celebrations on a single day.

just your resident gentle giant

I am here for you.

 I am emotionally invested. Because hear me when I say this is once in a lifetime. Housing all of your loved ones in a place where you take on the promise of forever with your person. When you can look back at a photo of you holding hands and remember what it felt like to embrace your partner tightly. 

I am here for you. The perfectly imperfect people. The two humans who stumbled upon each other & decided to build a life together.

I got your back & advocating for you. I am cheering you on to enjoy your day the way you want to.

Wedding planning can be chaotic. It can bring out stressors you didn't know existed. But you know what: it will all be okay. You will get to marry your person. And you can trust I am here to make sure it is the most incredible, special and love-filled day for you both.

I can't control everything, but I can make sure the photography process is seamless. 

I think its important that you know a little snippet about me & what I can do for you. Why you may ask? Because in order for us to work together we need to trust each other.

My promise to you is that I will document your love story in its own unique way. I won’t make you two into anything you are not or force you to do anything that doesn't suit you. As the years go by and you begin to grow old I want you to look back at your photos and experience a flood of emotions that bring you back to your big day.

The love between the two of you - that is what matters most.

If you want to tell your story, I'm in.

here's what you need to know