Hi, I'm Lizzie 

I have always been a Lizzie, never an Elizabeth. Back in the day, even when I was in all sorts of trouble (sorry, Mom) I was never Elizabeth. I've the proud owner of this little slice of the internet where I get to share all of the love stories and people I encounter both in Ohio and beyond.

I live in a small town called Independence located just south of Cleveland, OH. I grew up in this town and swore up and down that I would never come back. But after living in Kent for six years it was time to make the trek back up north with my husband, Dave. Together we’ve flipped a 1920s rental home into our little oasis. It is filled with dogs, candles in every room and countless memories. Our pillows may be covered in puppy fur and our kitchen is more often than not a hot mess express, but it’s our home.

I am a photographer and creative. But more than that, I am a chatty person who wants to know your love story. I feel like sometimes wedding photographers can get a bad rep because we are an investment (a big one) and it doesn’t always seem worth it. Well, I am here to say that every ounce of my heart goes into documenting your love story. I say ‘love stories’ in place of wedding days because it goes far beyond the celebrations on a single day.

Why I'm here...


Memories carry far beyond the first dance, exchanging rings or your engagement session. These are the moments you want to remember in 10 years when you’re showing off your images to your children. When you can look back at a photo of your first dance and remember what it felt like to hold your partner tightly in front of your loved ones on the day you said “I do.” Holding hands with your grandmother, sharing a laugh with your college friends or your nieces dropping petals down the aisle way: these moments are so little but are so beautiful. That is why I dedicated my career to love stories and documenting them.

When I am not in the midst of wedding season or plotting my next engagement session location you can find me sitting on the front porch with my husband. Right now I am checking off new trails to hike in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park with one of my best friends. I absolutely love finding new music to listen to but always find my way back to The Lumineers, Weezer and Louis Armstrong. Although I have an artistic eye I am finding myself attracted to all things related to mental health, fitness and human biology. Don’t ask me to explain any of it to you - I won’t do it justice. 

I love being an aunt, dancing in the living room with Dave and impressing people with my ability to make the perfect quiche. I am uncoordinated when it comes to anything requiring an athletic ability. I am a newly converted hugger. My perfect movie genre is early 2000s staring Freddie Prinze Jr. I curse more often than I should but I'm trying to tone it down a bit. Mostly for the sake of my mom. 

I think its important that you know a little snippet about me. Why you may ask? Because in order for us to work together we need to get along. This is just the surface for me, but I figure it gives you a little insight into my life and why I adore my job and the people who I work with.

My promise to you is that I will document your love story in its own unique way. I won’t make you two into anything you are not. As the years go by and you begin to grow old I want you to look back at your photos and experience a flood of emotions that bring you back to your big day. The love between the two of you - that is what matters most.

If you want to tell your story, I am here to capture it.