Heres the thing...

Wedding photography has taught me that there is incredible uniqueness in every person, every story & every relationship.

And I've found that it's way more refreshing to witness stories rooted in grit, transparency and honesty than any of the painted up, shiny stuff.

you are my why.

The reason why I do this job. Your wedding vision, your families, your love for each other. The memories you make today & want to share with generations down the road.

Let’s be honest - a wedding day goes far beyond just a single date.

This day is big. Like, really really big. For some, it is the first & last time all their favorite people gather in a single space. You deserve to have your day captured as it is - in a way that perfectly embodies you and your partner, your love story, and what matters most to the both of you. 

All of the things you’ve planned for your day - your walk up an aisle, pinning flowers on jackets, cutting cake (which is harder than you think!) & kicking your shoes off to dance.. But fifty years from now, when you’re reflecting back on younger days,, you’ll be searching for the moments captured, not the things.

The tear on your partner’s face as you first see them, holding hands with your grandparents, jumping around like crazy people with your college friends, the smile on your parent’s faces as you embrace them one last time before saying “I do.” The pure joy that you can only recount by reliving those moments once again.

A story of two giants

We're both super tall.

This is Dave. He's my guy. My ride or die. My equally awkward counterpart. While I have the creative brain he is off taking care of people for a living. I’m usually found with a dog on my lap or a dish towel over my shoulder. In short: ya girl loves her two wild dogs & pretending to be Gordon Ramsey (the cursing & cooking part).. I live for the quiet moments with the people I love the most - which means a lot of time on our front porch catching up with friends.

But you should know one of my strongest defining characteristics is my love for Ohio. I love capturing those folks native to my home state. There’s little slices of paradise right outside my own front door. So keeping it local is kind of my bread & butter.

Just two dorks over 6 feet tall trying to tear up a dance floor 

There's a whole portion of my brain reserved for absurd song lyrics. Case in point: I can rap every single word to Without Me by Eminem or belt Anything for Love by Meatloaf without missing a beat.

next fun fact ⟼

I have two tattoos and spend some of my free time watching Ink Master clips on YouTube trying to muster up the courage to get another one (sorry, Mom.)

next fun fact ⟼

Cedar Point is my favorite place in the world. And yes, I've seen some amazing mountains but my heart lies in the wildly expensive, totally overpopulated amusement park on Lake Erie.

next fun fact ⟼

Wes Anderson movies make me feel artistic when I’m not really that artsy. I just dig a good color pallet and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

next fun fact ⟼

I’m barefoot as often as I can be. Shoes are just about the worst.

next fun fact ⟼

Very rarely does my laugh sound like anything but a gigantic burst of noise. It’s not cute but it’s sincere.

next fun fact ⟼

If I weren’t a photographer I think I’d go back to school for psychology or sociology. I just dig human behavior & counseling & therapy and figuring out the inner workings of our thoughts. It’s my favorite thing to geek out over.

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A pipe dream of mine is to one day be a guest on Hot Ones.

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