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This is the gift I want to give you. Let’s document your legacy and your memories. Let’s document you.

Legacy isn’t just in wedding days either. When my son, Emmett, was born, it also gave life to a different part of me. A softer, sensitive, more tender part of my heart. Family, no matter the size, whether blood related or by choice, is part of that legacy. And it’s just as important to commemorate as a wedding day.

My role was clear: I want to document something real. Something that, years from now, won’t just be a beautiful photograph hanging on a wall that was stared at, but one that provoked a memory, a feeling. I wanted to create photographs that felt real.

I don’t have a romantic story of how I got here. Six years ago, I was working in a closet (yes, a closet) at a job that left me feeling depleted. I remember thinking on my drives into the city that I couldn’t — I wouldn’t — do this for the rest of my life. Deep down, I knew that there was something else out there for me.

When I asked our wedding photographer if I could just hold her bags and watch her photograph a wedding, she was quick to say “YES!,” and honestly, it was the moment that changed the whole trajectory of my life.

At weddings, I saw couples swimming through chaos. There's immense pressure to perfect a day that is already totally overwhelming. 

Some people try to set a divide between their business selves and their personal selves, but my business is an extension of me. It’s a part of me. It’s how I find purpose, give back, provide for my family, and hopefully leave a little mark in the world.

As a reformed introvert and someone who struggled to open up and feel fully, I’m now a total puddle of feelings. I owe that to my two boys — my husband, Dave, and my son, Emmett. And to my village — the humans who make my simple, sweet life so full.

These days, I’m covered in goldfish crumbs, juggling a packed calendar, and enjoying quiet nights with my husband, Dave.

We made the cutest, wildest, silliest little boy, Emmett, and he’s made life chaotic and so full. We cry a lot more when watching Pixar movies now (like, so much more) and we really love being a family of three (plus two crazy labs named Penny & Oliver).

My boys. They cracked my heart wide open.

Although I’m normally adorned in all black, listening to a rock playlist or something borderline emo, I’m a big softie.

And you wanna know why? 

I’m a version of myself I never saw coming.
Tender-hearted-gone-soft, brimming with sentiment. 

There’s a tough, ruffled exterior, but on the inside, I really just want someone to cuddle & feed me. 

Refer to me as a feral cat


My Friends

Me & my guys

Fun Facts

My secret (now not-so-secret) dream is to join a roller derby league. I’m OBSESSED with the Texas Roller Derby. My name would be Thin Lizzie.

My brain bops between the Moana soundtrack and The White Stripes daily.

I’m a deep conversationalist who wants to talk about everything. But, if we get into zodiac signs, I really only know about memes and that’s it. *scorpio over here

I lean deeply into sad, acoustic music to match the weather during the dreary Ohio winters, and I secretly love it. I think I was meant for the PNW climate and constant rain. 

On my days off, I’m hiking in CVNP or at Sand Run with Emmett in tow, strapped to my back, chirping along to whatever he sees along the trail. 

My favorite way to unwind is watching Ugly Delicious or The Chef Show on repeat. 

Playlists are always catered to the weather, which is synonymous with my mood. Dark & Stormy = Novo Amor or Led Zeppelin. Bright & Sunny = Haim or Sure Sure.

My husband Dave and I have ventured to Yosemite, Banff, and Rocky Mountain National Park, and we hope to take our son to all the National Parks.

Cooking with my friends every Tuesday evening is one ritual I won’t ever let go of. We call it “Finer Things.” 

For years, Dave & I have left post-it notes for each other in the morning. It’s left me with a box full of them, and honestly, it’s kinda our love language. Between post-its and polaroids, I think we could cover the walls of our home with them.


is freedom
& communication
is imperative

Two things I know for certain:

Being hands-on is kinda my thing. I don’t take a back seat as a photographer. Assisting you in preparing for your wedding day is legitimately why I started doing this job — to give sage, helpful, useful advice that will ease the stressors of planning such a sacred day. 


“Lizzie really invests in who you are, and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She’s well-organized, very quick to respond, and she does more for you than just take your photos. She was seriously such a calming and joyful presence on my wedding day!”

The day arrived, you got married, and you looked hot as hell. Now, the post-production work begins. Preview images will drop into your inbox within 7 days after your wedding day.

Your final edited gallery with high-resolution images will be ready for you to oohh & ahh over about 10-12 weeks after your wedding date. Options for album design will open up to you after your gallery is delivered as well.

Wedding Gallery Delivery

Step 4

This is when we start to get into the nitty gritty. We’ll work on planning your engagement session, and I’ll assist you in choosing a location, selecting outfits, and preparing for the session.

I’ll provide three questionnaires for you to complete that’ll gather information about your wedding day, the timeline, and family photo organization. I’ll make sure I have all the information on hand so I don’t miss what matters most to you.

The Planning Begins

Step 3

If we find it’s a solid match, I’ll send over a brochure with collection options for the two of you to review. Once you find a collection that fits your wedding day needs & budget, you’ll select your option and a proposal will be sent to you.

A 30% non-refundable retainer & signed agreement is required to reserve the date.
After that, you’re locked in and we are in it! WOO!

Lock in your date

Step 2

There’s one thing I like to say right off the bat: I need to get to know you & you need to get to know me. You can read through my entire website & scroll my Instagram, but until we sit down & chat, we haven’t really connected.

The first step is to fill out my inquiry form, and I’ll be in touch to schedule a Zoom call with both of you. Emphasis on both. This is a relationship with three of us, so everyone is involved in the planning process from day one. We’ll chat about your expectations, plans, questions, my process, work, and everything in between.

Inquiry & Meeting

Step 1

Let's Chat

You are the one I want to know