Rocky River In-Home Session | Scott & Marina

Your home is an extension of who you are. The color schemes, textures and decor are all beautiful but it is the little quirks that make it personal.  Whether you’ve been here for a decade or just a couple of months: this home is your home. It reflects who you are together and how you want your guests to feel when they enter this space. I consider it a privilege to be invited into your home and cannot wait to hear about how you have personally curated this space. 

You might be wondering: why would I have someone come into my HOME for photos? Maybe you just purchased your first home with your significant other or you are celebrating an anniversary. Maybe you just bought a puppy (if this is the case I will be there ASAP). If you are celebrating your independence with a first apartment or feeling super proud of your recently flipped 1940s home: it is time to preserve some memories in this sacred space. Of all the sessions I offer, this is the most intimate and by far the most fun!

We will hang out, dance it out to some music and get some beautiful images that represent your life in the place you come back to every evening. My goal when heading into these sessions is to capture you in your element. If you are goofy, or romantic or totally mortified by being in front of a camera, you can feel at ease knowing that we get to be in your home.

Prior to an in-home lifestyle session there are a few things that I encourage you to do to make the most of our time together and to settle into the space. Please take a look over the helpful hints below and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 

The Grand Tour

When I arrive for our session I would love to get a tour of your space. Since you’ve put so much time and love into your dwelling, you might as well show it off. We can talk about the inspiration for design, how you came to live here and what memories you have in the space.

Your Oasis

This is the perfect opportunity to do a little spring tidying. I want to capture your home in it’s best state so I highly recommend a little sprucing up before our hangout. Nothing too fancy, but keep in mind we will be photographing some areas more than others.

Lights Out

Plan to have as many lights turned out as possible. We will capitalize on as much natural light as possible during our session. This brings a soft, beautiful energy to the room. So open up them blinds and push away the curtains. Let that natural light shine!

Pump up the Jams

Even before I get there put on some of your favorite music to play throughout your home. Pick a playlist to serenade us while we enjoy coffee, tour your home and get into the session. The music selection is totally up to you! I always love checking out what music my couples love to listen to (I’m a little bit of a music fanatic).

In Home Anniversary Lifestyle Session Cleveland Ohio Lizzie Schlafer Photography Couples Photographer Time to Show Off

If you could please send me a couple of photos of your home that would be fabulous! Even images from your phone will do. This will help me to decide where we will spend most of our time. If I find there is more natural light in certain spaces than others we will primarily utilize those rooms.

Get Comfy

Go through your closets together and pick about 2-3 outfits to use during our session. Keep your wardrobe true to who you are but also always lean on a neutral color pallet. You won’t need to worry about shoes – we are inside! If you need some inspiration please select the Pinterest board HERE.

The Why

Remember why you are having these moments photographed. Years from now you will be able to look back and see what your home looked like. The little moments between the two of you and how your love has grown.

Now it is time to make some memories. If you want to see what an in-home session might look like scroll down to see Marina & Scott in their newly renovated Cleveland home (with Thatcher the pup)!

In Home Anniversary Lifestyle Session Cleveland Ohio Lizzie Schlafer Photography Couples Photographer