Hedge Gallery Wedding, Lakewood, OH | Becky & Kevin

Want to know what I love most about Cleveland? The plethora of incredible views throughout our little city. If you’re not checking out the lake you can view a dreamy skyline. Waltz through the parks along the riverbank or check out an art gallery. And want to know what is the COOLEST part about this wedding day? We did it ALL!

Becky & Kevin are two of a kind. On their first date they spent over 8 hours just talking about life. Bouncing around Tremont for pizza and beers and checking out their neighborhood. Little did they know, only a couple of months prior they had passed each other on the street. It is such a big world and yet somehow their love stories crossed paths at the perfect time.

Their wedding day was no different. We started the day at their home in the heart of Tremont. Their backyard is by far one of the most interesting spots in town. Adorned with ivy and spray painted artwork on a brick wall in back. One of the most important guests of the day was their beloved cat, Dillard, who helped us through the getting ready process.

Becky & Kevin first saw each other looking over the Cleveland skyline like two lovers out of an old Hollywood love story. Their love and look was absolutely breathtaking and timeless. I couldn’t get over the sweetness between them. And if you didn’t know, Becky is a librarian so she gifted the cutest picture book to Kevin before they exchanged their vows.

An evening of celebrations, heartfelt speeches and lots of dancing took place within the Hedge Gallery at 78th Street Studios in Cleveland. It was a night to remember. And the ice cream that ended the evening? It was HEAVENLY! Catered by Cleveland’s own Mason’s Creamery.

I am absolutely blown away by Kevin and Becky’s intimate wedding day. Their families traveled far and wide to make sure they witnessed their big day. I wish you could’ve all been there to witness the overflow of love!

Congratulations, Kevin & Becky! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and adventures with Dillard along for the ride!