How do I book a mentorship session?
The first step is to fill out my inquiry form, and I’ll be in touch to schedule a Zoom call with you. We’ll chat about where your business is today, where you want to take it, and what tools you need to set the tone for the rest of your journey documenting memories.

Where do your sessions take place?
My mentorship sessions can take place via Zoom or in-person, depending on what you want to cover and where you live. 

Zoom sessions are 1 hour, and in-person sessions are 2 hours (1 hour of office-related computer work + 1 hour of shooting, unless you want to solely focus on back end workflow/business related topics).

What will I learn?
Here are the different topics we can cover in our time together:
  • Editing & Lightroom
  • Client Communication & Honeybook
  • Workflow
  • Taxes, Expense Tracking, Money Stuff
  • Contracts
  • Website Review
  • Whatever else you want to know!

What if I haven’t even started my business yet? Can we start from the ground up?
YES! If you are just considering starting your photography business, we can start with the foundations of what it would take to get things moving along. This is usually the toughest part to make sure all your ducks are in a row.

Do you have referrals for outsourced services (accountant, lawyer, etc.)?
Yes, I’ll refer you to the professionals I’ve trusted to help me with the backend part of my business, from accounting, taxes, and financial planning to insurance, contract reviews, and more.

Is it an issue if I shoot Nikon and you shoot Canon?
Nope. Although the setup on the camera is different, the universal settings for lighting are the same. We can make it work.

I don’t own a fancy camera yet, but I want to practice photographing a couple. Can I borrow yours?
Yes. I have two cameras, and you can borrow mine for a mentorship session.

Where are you located, and do I have to travel to you for an in-person session?
I live in the Akron area, and if you wanted to do an in-person session, you would have to travel to me. 

When do you do your Zoom sessions?
During the week after 7pm EST or on the weekends. This is subject to change when my little man goes to daycare :)

Is there a contract for mentor sessions?
Yup and yup. I will send it to you when you’re ready to book. A non-refundable fee is due in full to book your mentorship session.

Mentorship FAQ